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How did you get that in there?

What is Genie 'La Diva' Cucumber Gin?

Yes, it’s a real cucumber! Genie Gin was conceived back in 2019. A cucumber grown from seed, inside the bottle? The natural infusion was yet to be seen. Crisp overtones of Cheshire grown ‘La Diva’ cucumbers are guaranteed to linger after every aromatic sip. We hope you enjoy sharing it as much as we enjoy crafting it.

Do I get less gin because of the cucumber?
No! Each bottle has a capacity of 100cl, cucumbers are picked at the perfect size to allow space for 70cl of 40% premium gin.
How do you get the cucumber inside the bottle?
After much trial and error, we have found the best method is to grow cucumber plants horizontally across a net. Bottles are placed under baby cucumbers where they continue to grow inside the glass bottle before being picked.
Can I eat the cucumber?
Genie Gin is not designed for the cucumber to be eaten. Please do not attempt smashing the glass bottle to do so. Rest assured, all of the cucumbery goodness will flow with the gin, over ice and in to your favourite glass.
Will my bottle of Genie Gin go off?
Once fully submersed, the cucumber will stay preserved for as long as the gin lasts. For optimal taste, we recommend storing your Genie in the fridge and consuming within 6 months of opening.
How long does the process take?
The whole process from seed to table takes roughly two and a half months.

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